Saturday, August 28, 2010

Peace Felt Projects Abound!!!

Since everyone is starting to share on facebook...let me point you there to start!

We are hearing some awesome stories about connecting with new friends in distant lands, and it is indeed heartwarming!

On facebook is where participants are sharing their projects and adventures.

Brenda Wren and her family are making journal covers as gifts for their partners. This is just a practice!

Kathy Davis of California, USA will send this lovely RIVER OF PEACE to her partner in Norway!

Margaret Hillman in Florida, USA got help from her daughter on this wonderful piece entitled ONE WATER, ONE EARTH, ONE SKY. It will go to her Peace Partner in Canada.

Terriea Kwong of Hong Kong will send this sweet wall-hanging to her Giving Partner in Connecticut, USA.

Loucie Brounen-Brals of Gelderland, Netherlands felted this exquisite vessel in the theme of the Peace Felt logo and will send it to her Peace Parnter in New Hampshire, USA.

Baby & Mom felting at the Hera Arts group in the UK

The Hera Arts group had 28 members felting in all! Their project is many, many felted hearts, and they will be sending their projects to two different groups. One part goes to a fiber arts group in New Zealand and the other part to a university group in Tennessee.

The Hera Group will also receive a Peace Felt from their Giving Partner, which is a Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong group who has never felted before, but learned about our International Day of Peace project through the International Day of Peace website and wanted to participate!

So after I received a crash course in origami, we agreed to help them make an origami lotus flower to send to the Hera Group. They started today 8/28 by felting enough to create two flowers, one for their group and one for HERA.

Here they are proudly displaying their "first felts" ... they learned how to felt in 5 minutes in the palm of their hand, and then the REAL WORK began!

I was a bit surprised to arrive and find no tables as expected, but found my gratitude int he wall to wall tile floor :O)Working on the floor is a lot harder than on tables - but everyone were champs about it and did the best they could!

We created 3 pieces of felt, starting with measurements of 30" x 24" to create a total of 12 petals and 6 leaves.

I wanted to take more pictures but I was too busy felting!!! These sweet folks did not know what they are signing on for... So you have to hand it to them for just "going for it".

Today the group finished the felting...and next they will meet again for the Origami part :O)

This group here in Austin, will then receive a Peace Felt from a group in Israel!

What amazing movement of love and kindness we have created with everyone's participation in Peace Felt! We'll share more photos I information soon!

Be sure to join us on facebookto watch as the project unfolds.

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