Sunday, July 25, 2010

Project Update - New Countries

Here we are with just 5 days left before registration closes, and I find myself so very moved by the excitement of our participants around the world!

Everyone is very excited and eager to get started :O) We have currently over 100 feltmakers and artists registered. One country fell off our roster this week, but we have added several more and our now at 19 countries!

Because we want to make sure EVERYONE receives a Peace Felt from their "Giving Partner", we are double confirming everyone. We are waiting on just a few more people, and of course still have new participants joining daily.

We begin this week to create matches - wonderful little circles for this global art/love/friendship exchange. Once we close registration at midnight CST on August 1, 2010, we will make our final matches and begin sending emails to all with the names and email addresses of your partners.


1. Plan to take the HIGHEST RESOLUTION PICTURE you can of your Peace Felt. We will have you email this to us, along with the information below. You can include an image of your final art work, and images of yourself or group as well, including pictures of the work in progress.

2. We recommend that participants share a bit more information about themselves with both their Giving and Receiving Partners. This is also the same information we would like you to email to us at ALONG WITH YOUR PEACE FELT PHOTO(S)

- A Photo of You, and/or you and your family
- Any commentary or notes on the work of art you created and what Peace means to you.
- Where you live – and perhaps a bit of interesting information on your town or region
- Your Age (optional :)
- What you do for work and/or fun … your likes and hobbies, or anything personal that you wish to share!

That's it...just a few days now and your Peace Partners will be revealed!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Peace Felt Session 1 in Baard, Netherlands

We received these wonderful photos and write up from Truus Huijbregts in Baard.
She and her group held their first of two planned sessions for creating their group Peace Felt 2010 project. Their next planned session is on Peace Day 2010, Sept. 21st.

Here is what Truus wrote about their session:

Today was the day of the first session of our ‘Peace-Felt’group. Anna, Jacomien, Thea, Hilde and I worked at our ‘heartsplan’. Each of us felted a heart using a mold. The hearts are increasing in size, so that they can fit into each other. Just like the Matroesjka-dolls. Each of us has chosen their own colours. The only common colour is the colour red. Therefore each heart suits with its creator. And…because of the common red also together. However, after a nice morning with lots of coffee and chatting and a superbe lunch outside in the sunny garden, when the hearts were felted…we began to doubt…The hearts are so nice! Isn’t it a shame to put them into each other…?

Well…our next felting session will be on the International Day of Peace, the 21st of September. We will finish the felted hearts and decide what we will do…

Truus Huijbregts
Baard, The Netherlands

Thanks for sharing, Truus & Friends! We look forward to more pictures from you and our Felting Friends around the world!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Welcome Russia to Peace Felt 2010!

This week we welcome a feltmaker from Moscow, Russia to Peace Felt 2010! I remember in college studying Russian language and culture - so much has changed since then!

With less than 30 days left to register, we are getting very excited about partnering everyone with their Peace Partners!

If you are planning to "tell a friend", now is the time!

Thank you for joining us!