Thursday, September 16, 2010

Peace Felt Article in Hand Eye Magazine!

Peace Felt Article #1 :O)
This is an online version of Hand Eye Magazine. They have written a lovely article that focuses on the birthing, the meaning and the purpose behind Peace Felt, and we are grateful for them sharing the project!

Friday, September 3, 2010

This week we received a wonderful email and photos from Dita Blom, the organizer for a Peace Felt group, Blomsterstuga, in the Netherlands.

Dita's group will be receiving a Peace Felt from a group in Corvalis, Oregon, USA and Dita's group will be Giving their Peace Felt to a group of introductory fiber arts students at the University of Hawaii at Manoa fiber in Honolulu, Hawaii USA

Dita was kind enough to also share the letter she wrote to her Peace Felt and enjoy!

My World peace

My felt peace By Dita
When I heard about the peace-felt-project for the first time, I became very enthusiastic about it. What a wonderful way of making peace! I think that peace cannot be without communication, love and kindness or softness. And that is where felt is coming in. Felt is strong, soft and warm.

The process is hard working, make a wholeness of loose fibres. And isn’t that exactly how you can make peace. Furthermore it is a creative process, which is also very important in dealing with different situations and different kind of people. But in the end it has become a new piece of fabric, a wholeness.

It was really nice to work out a form for our project. We were on a summer course in Sweden to felt and the celebrate the Swedish midsummer festivity, which is celebrated the first weekend after the 21th of june. They put on the maypole, make music, dance around it and have a good time with friends. Many wear flowers in their hair. It is the celebration of the summer, the light.

With that in mind, we started to make all of us one page of a peace felt book. Most of us did the wet-felting. Gretha used the needle-felting-technique.
I myself made the “rainbow” page. I used all the colours of the rainbow and laid out the wool in a circle, the form of wholeness with no beginning and no end, like the way the peace project functions.

As you can see, it has become a book with 8 pages, all different, but made with love to you. We hope that you will “read” it with our message of peace in mind.

I have made my contribution to the Peace-felt-project with a lot of joy; my inner word with the peace dove as a symbol.

My motto to life is Peace, but with a deeper meaning: also “react” peace! That is what I can see in this project: to make peace together, on a peaceful way and with joy working on this project and even more: to a world in which we may be One! That kind of peace is given for granted, but we need love for it. Peace is getting started in yourself, in your own hart. Get encouraged en be inspired by world peace!

About the group: we were a group of 8 women, all about between 30 and 65 years old. Most of us were regular felters. We all do have jobs, except one, who has been retired.

The first day of our course, we did a lot of dyeing: wool silk, needlefelt, yarn. Having a real rainbow on colours, we started felting. Everybody had chosen a few techniques and themes to work on or to learn about. And we did some trips in the environment.

On the picture enclosed, you can see us in the Carl-of-Linné-gardens in front of the house where he is born in 1707. He had started the botanical system: giving all the plants their botanical name which can been used all over the world. After this trip we started our peace-felt-work.

We all live in the middle and north of Holland, which is known by most people because of the mills, the wooden shoes, and our famous painters Rembrandt, Van Gogh etc. Most people know something about Amsterdam. And some know a bit about our footballteam because of the world championship in july. So now you have heard a bit about us. We hope you appreciate our contribution and enjoy it. We made it with love for you.

We are looking forward to hear a bit from you too.
We wish you all the best, a lot of felthappiness and a peacefull world to live in.
With love from all of us, Dita Blom

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Peace Felt Projects Abound!!!

Since everyone is starting to share on facebook...let me point you there to start!

We are hearing some awesome stories about connecting with new friends in distant lands, and it is indeed heartwarming!

On facebook is where participants are sharing their projects and adventures.

Brenda Wren and her family are making journal covers as gifts for their partners. This is just a practice!

Kathy Davis of California, USA will send this lovely RIVER OF PEACE to her partner in Norway!

Margaret Hillman in Florida, USA got help from her daughter on this wonderful piece entitled ONE WATER, ONE EARTH, ONE SKY. It will go to her Peace Partner in Canada.

Terriea Kwong of Hong Kong will send this sweet wall-hanging to her Giving Partner in Connecticut, USA.

Loucie Brounen-Brals of Gelderland, Netherlands felted this exquisite vessel in the theme of the Peace Felt logo and will send it to her Peace Parnter in New Hampshire, USA.

Baby & Mom felting at the Hera Arts group in the UK

The Hera Arts group had 28 members felting in all! Their project is many, many felted hearts, and they will be sending their projects to two different groups. One part goes to a fiber arts group in New Zealand and the other part to a university group in Tennessee.

The Hera Group will also receive a Peace Felt from their Giving Partner, which is a Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong group who has never felted before, but learned about our International Day of Peace project through the International Day of Peace website and wanted to participate!

So after I received a crash course in origami, we agreed to help them make an origami lotus flower to send to the Hera Group. They started today 8/28 by felting enough to create two flowers, one for their group and one for HERA.

Here they are proudly displaying their "first felts" ... they learned how to felt in 5 minutes in the palm of their hand, and then the REAL WORK began!

I was a bit surprised to arrive and find no tables as expected, but found my gratitude int he wall to wall tile floor :O)Working on the floor is a lot harder than on tables - but everyone were champs about it and did the best they could!

We created 3 pieces of felt, starting with measurements of 30" x 24" to create a total of 12 petals and 6 leaves.

I wanted to take more pictures but I was too busy felting!!! These sweet folks did not know what they are signing on for... So you have to hand it to them for just "going for it".

Today the group finished the felting...and next they will meet again for the Origami part :O)

This group here in Austin, will then receive a Peace Felt from a group in Israel!

What amazing movement of love and kindness we have created with everyone's participation in Peace Felt! We'll share more photos I information soon!

Be sure to join us on facebookto watch as the project unfolds.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Peace Felt 2010 Partner Matches Made!

Hi All,

I am oh so happy to report that Peace Felt matches were made and sent earlier this week! If you were CONFIRMED, you should have received both your Giving and Receiving partners.

Over 100 feltmakers in 22 countries were matched! Please share any comments here, email photos of the "making of" your peace felt, you/group members (if any) and your final Peace Felt to info @ so we can publish and share.

Also, please join our DISCUSSION of what you are making on our facebook page, or just post on the WALL your excitement - something about yourself, etc :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Project Update - New Countries

Here we are with just 5 days left before registration closes, and I find myself so very moved by the excitement of our participants around the world!

Everyone is very excited and eager to get started :O) We have currently over 100 feltmakers and artists registered. One country fell off our roster this week, but we have added several more and our now at 19 countries!

Because we want to make sure EVERYONE receives a Peace Felt from their "Giving Partner", we are double confirming everyone. We are waiting on just a few more people, and of course still have new participants joining daily.

We begin this week to create matches - wonderful little circles for this global art/love/friendship exchange. Once we close registration at midnight CST on August 1, 2010, we will make our final matches and begin sending emails to all with the names and email addresses of your partners.


1. Plan to take the HIGHEST RESOLUTION PICTURE you can of your Peace Felt. We will have you email this to us, along with the information below. You can include an image of your final art work, and images of yourself or group as well, including pictures of the work in progress.

2. We recommend that participants share a bit more information about themselves with both their Giving and Receiving Partners. This is also the same information we would like you to email to us at ALONG WITH YOUR PEACE FELT PHOTO(S)

- A Photo of You, and/or you and your family
- Any commentary or notes on the work of art you created and what Peace means to you.
- Where you live – and perhaps a bit of interesting information on your town or region
- Your Age (optional :)
- What you do for work and/or fun … your likes and hobbies, or anything personal that you wish to share!

That's it...just a few days now and your Peace Partners will be revealed!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Peace Felt Session 1 in Baard, Netherlands

We received these wonderful photos and write up from Truus Huijbregts in Baard.
She and her group held their first of two planned sessions for creating their group Peace Felt 2010 project. Their next planned session is on Peace Day 2010, Sept. 21st.

Here is what Truus wrote about their session:

Today was the day of the first session of our ‘Peace-Felt’group. Anna, Jacomien, Thea, Hilde and I worked at our ‘heartsplan’. Each of us felted a heart using a mold. The hearts are increasing in size, so that they can fit into each other. Just like the Matroesjka-dolls. Each of us has chosen their own colours. The only common colour is the colour red. Therefore each heart suits with its creator. And…because of the common red also together. However, after a nice morning with lots of coffee and chatting and a superbe lunch outside in the sunny garden, when the hearts were felted…we began to doubt…The hearts are so nice! Isn’t it a shame to put them into each other…?

Well…our next felting session will be on the International Day of Peace, the 21st of September. We will finish the felted hearts and decide what we will do…

Truus Huijbregts
Baard, The Netherlands

Thanks for sharing, Truus & Friends! We look forward to more pictures from you and our Felting Friends around the world!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Welcome Russia to Peace Felt 2010!

This week we welcome a feltmaker from Moscow, Russia to Peace Felt 2010! I remember in college studying Russian language and culture - so much has changed since then!

With less than 30 days left to register, we are getting very excited about partnering everyone with their Peace Partners!

If you are planning to "tell a friend", now is the time!

Thank you for joining us!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Welcome Hong Kong to Peace Felt 2010!

Everyday new feltmakers are joining the project!
We hope you are starting to plan your Peace Felt creation, and thinking about what other information you will share with your Peace Partners...I know we at Living Felt are!

Thank you for joining us!

Monday, June 7, 2010

This week our diversity increases with felters from THE CZECH REPUBLIC!
We hope you are preparing your introductions for meeting your Peace Partners and are looking forward to connecting with new Felting Friends around the world.

Do join us on facebook also and introduce yourself there :O)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Momentum is building...thank you for joining us!

We are so excited to have felting friends from around the world joining us! This week we are joined by feltmakers from Scotland!

With so many wonderful people coming on board, we know the outcomes of this project are surely to be beautiful and heartfelt.

This week Peace Felt 2010 is posted as an official Peace Project on the International Day of Peace Website!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Participants Joining ~~ Welcome!

We are so pleased to announce that new participants are coming to Peace Felt 2010, due in part I am sure to the wonderful announcement on the International Feltmakers Association website - for which we are very grateful.

We are starting to see groups join and that is very exciting, and our newest participating countries are Israel and New Zealand!

Welcome everyone! :O)

Marie will be sending out individual emails to participants in the coming weeks to connect and answer any questions you have. Feel free to contact us at any time and thanks to all of our Peace Felt 2010 participants!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Welcome Feltmakers from Ireland and The Netherlands

It is so wonderful to see this project spreading, and we are glad to welcome feltmakers from Ireland and The Netherlands to Peace Felt 2010.

If you have a friend in another country who enjoys art of any medium, consider inviting them to join! This is also a wonderful program for fiber arts groups and schools!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Welcome Spain & Norway

This week both Spain and Norway have joined our list of participating countries!
How wonderful that the word is spreading. Thanks to all of you for sharing this important project.

Here are just a few sites/blogs that are spreading the word about PEACE FELT 2010 -- I hope you'll visit, there are some wonderful creations to behold!

Felting & Needle Felting Forum




Friday, March 5, 2010

Peace Felt 2010 Launched!

We launched PEACE FELT 2010 this week and are so grateful for the immediate support!

Our sincere thanks to Kay Petal of the for helping to promote this project to our international community of felting friends! Thanks, Kay!

After just 2 days of getting the word out, we have participants from the UK, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA and IRAQ! It has been suggested that we add flags to our website so we are hopeful to start gathering those soon.

Complete information on the project is available on
We hope you will join us in the project of unity and oneness -- together we can use our art for great impact.